CLONECAST - The Official Orphan Black Podcast

Go inside Orphan Black's fandom with hosts Kaitlyn Alexander and Mackenzie Donaldson (producer of the show). Each week, Kaitlyn and Mackenzie welcome guests from behind the scenes of the series to take #CloneClub's questions, hear their theories, and marvel at their creativity. Want to be featured on the podcast? Follow @clonecast or to send your thoughts and fan art!
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CLONECAST - The Official Orphan Black Podcast



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May 27, 2015

Spoiler alert! Rob and Mackenzie are joined by actor Dylan Bruce and visual effects supervisor Geoff Scott to say goodbye to Paul and discuss the explosive sixth episode of this season of Orphan Black (“Certain Agony of the Battlefield”)! Find out what request Dylan made to the creators for his character’s farewell, what subtle VFX were used in the now-infamous twerking scene, and more as they discuss your questions, theories, and fan art!

Shattered mirror portrait - Jasric

Paul sketch - @KikwiSHH

Beth -
Various (including Helena/Tony) -

Cosima sketch - @Le_Chalicorne

Custom supporting cats Pop Vinyls - Shella Théroux

Sarah/Helena cross stitch - Rebecca Brown (requires Facebook login)

306 Paul’s Goodbye comic - @lcmorgan43

May 20, 2015

Orphan Black stunt coordinator joins Rob and Mackenzie to take your questions about Helena's escape, designing stunts around clone VFX, and more! Then Mackenzie reads your latest theories, and Rob shares another week in #CloneClub fan art - links below!
Sarah & Rachel -
Beth Childs -
Delphine -
(Bonus! -

Cosima & Zombie Seth -
Collage with Castor Clones & Helena/Alison on bike -
Sarah & Mark -
Angel Helena -
Drunk Alison -

Anatomy of Cosima -

Helena amigurumi-style doll -

Alison Pop Vinyl sewing room - @THAILA324b21

Orphan (Adventure) Time - @ErikaReyes713

Alison portrait (finished!) - @JadeAllenTV

Cosima silhouette against laptop/DNA background - @Lnk1987

May 13, 2015

This week Rob and Mackenzie are joined by Orphan Black co-executive producer Kerry Appleyard and writer/co-executive producer Russ Cochrane to talk about episode 4 of season 3 (“Newer Elements of Our Defense”)! They take your questions, analyze your fan theories, and look at your art!

Fan art links:
3x03 comic - LC Morgan

Tattoo/Cosima sketch - @en_tze

Cosima Pop Vinyl doing mad science - @THAILA324b21

Cosima mad science cosplay - Miriam Salzman

Hendrixberg - @MeanCloneGirls

Delphine word cloud/portrait -

Cold B**** Digest - Jules

Puzzle Pieces drawing - @meseriouslyme

Too Many Clones - Edited by Pepa Albornoz

May 6, 2015

Fan art links below! Orphan Black editor D. Gillian Truster joins hosts Rob Moden and OB associate producer Mackenzie Donaldson to talk about her work on season 3 episode 3 ("Formalized, Complex, And Costly"), take your questions, and look at your fan art!

Fan art links:
324B21 tattoo - @AshleeKellehear

Golden ratio tattoo - @DelphinePuppy

Synthetic DNA patent tattoo - Erin Wilson

Helena around the world - @ObsessedSestra

Bracelets - Miriam Salzman

Alison for School Trustee campaign sign -

Helena photoshop portrait -

Tatiana Maslany portrait - Charlotte Hawkins