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Go inside Orphan Black's fandom with hosts Kaitlyn Alexander and Mackenzie Donaldson (producer of the show). Each week, Kaitlyn and Mackenzie welcome guests from behind the scenes of the series to take #CloneClub's questions, hear their theories, and marvel at their creativity. Want to be featured on the podcast? Follow @clonecast or to send your thoughts and fan art!
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CLONECAST - The Official Orphan Black Podcast



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Dec 24, 2015

Assistant to the Orphan Black showrunners Evan Moore, and actors Calwyn Shurgold ("Hellwizard") & Josh Vokey ("Scott"), join Rob and Mackenzie to hang out and play the new Orphan Black card game from IDW!

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Sep 16, 2015

Fan art links below!
Orphan Black creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett are here to talk season 3 and tease season 4! With returning co-host Mackenzie Donaldson, the team talks about Delphine, picks their favorite clones, reveals a returning clone, straightens out the Shay sibling mystery, discusses the evolution of the characters, and more!

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Inks by Denise (@dmparrish_art)
Sarah -
Cophine -

Portraits by Rhys James (@electricrhys)

Crotcheted finger puppets by Deborah (@mischief89)

Nail art by Abigail (@abiflail)

Cosima DragonCon cloneplay by Erin Tracy (@LunaJBear)

Cosima FanExpo cloneplay by Christina (@minnnty)

Sarah/Helena yin-yang drawing by @magixxix

80’s-inspired graphics by @martine_pop
Sarah -
Evelyne Brochu -

Bracelets by Miriam Salzman (@mnsalz91)

Donnie drawing by @drawingfeed

Sarah/Helena playing card design by @johnny_b_loca

Aug 5, 2015

Orphan Black season 3 is over, but you can relive behind-the-scenes highlights with these clips from the first round of Clonecast interviews. Learn about what it’s like to work with scorpions, how the look of certain clones came to be, the origins of the twerking scene, and more! We’ll be back next month with a regular episode.

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Jun 24, 2015

Donnie Hendrix himself, Kristian Bruun, is here to talk about the season finale of Orphan Black (“History Yet to Be Written”)! Go behind the scenes of the infamous twerking scene, hear speculation about season 4, and more as Kristian, Rob, and special guest co-hosts Ajay Fry and Morgan Hoffman (Space Channel’s After the Black) go through your questions, your theories, and your fan art!

Clonecast is going monthly between seasons! Follow us to keep updated about future guests and episodes!


Helena & pupok painting - Michael Betzel

Cophine and Tatiana/Ksenia sketches - @molkate_

Disney-style illustrations of Orphan Black - aka Lesley Vamos

Helena cosplay from Supanova - @tarzapam

Helena vs Rudy fight poster - @neirbo_

Helena hugs Donnie - @PocketClones

Cosima Pocket Clone embroidery - Erin Wilson

Shay digital portrait -

Burying Leekie Pop Vinyl diorama - @THAILA324b21

Mega Orphan Black parody music video - @iTheressa

Jun 17, 2015

Orphan Black composer Trevor Yuile is here to explain his process in creating the music for each and every episode! Find out how he got the job, how he approaches each character, and how his music may hint towards what will happen in the season finale as he, Rob, and returning guest co-host Adrianna DiLonardo (YouTube’s The Gay Women Channel) go through your questions, your theories, and your fan art!

Helena digital painting - Melissa (

Minimalist Evelyne Brochu - @CloneClubAUS

Tattoo - Robert Anthony Ovalle

Paul custom Pop Vinyl - Shella Théroux

Shay sketch -

Jun 10, 2015

Josh Vokey is here to talk about the evolution of his character Scott! Learn how Josh got involved with Orphan Black, where he thinks Scott's allegiances truly lie, and how he'd want his death scene to go down as he, Rob, and guest co-host Adrianna DiLonardo (The Gay Women Channel on YouTube) go through your questions, your theories, and your fan art!


Cloneopoly - @meseriouslyme

Scott & Rachel - @PocketClones

Custom Scott Pop Vinyl - @THAILA324b21

Shaysima pastels on cardboard -

Cophine pencil portrait - Rachel Hicks

Leda clones campaign for Alison -

Sarah digital painting -

Jun 3, 2015

#VoteAlisonHendrix! Rob and Mackenzie are joined by Orphan Black production designer John Dondertman and guest actress (and Mackenzie’s mother!) Sheila McCarthy to talk about an episode full of Alison hijinks! Find out how the crew designs the different worlds of the clones, how Sheila approached the role of Alison’s mother, and more as they discuss your questions, theories, and fan art!

Alison introduces Cosima - Season 1 vs Season 3:


Cosima portrait - Christelle Schoeman

Alison portrait - @molkate_

Ari Millen charcoal portrait - @silverkaneart

Evelyne Brochu watercolor -

Delphine vs Shay video game GIFS -

Cophine stickers - @femmef8ale

May 27, 2015

Spoiler alert! Rob and Mackenzie are joined by actor Dylan Bruce and visual effects supervisor Geoff Scott to say goodbye to Paul and discuss the explosive sixth episode of this season of Orphan Black (“Certain Agony of the Battlefield”)! Find out what request Dylan made to the creators for his character’s farewell, what subtle VFX were used in the now-infamous twerking scene, and more as they discuss your questions, theories, and fan art!

Shattered mirror portrait - Jasric

Paul sketch - @KikwiSHH

Beth -
Various (including Helena/Tony) -

Cosima sketch - @Le_Chalicorne

Custom supporting cats Pop Vinyls - Shella Théroux

Sarah/Helena cross stitch - Rebecca Brown (requires Facebook login)

306 Paul’s Goodbye comic - @lcmorgan43

May 20, 2015

Orphan Black stunt coordinator joins Rob and Mackenzie to take your questions about Helena's escape, designing stunts around clone VFX, and more! Then Mackenzie reads your latest theories, and Rob shares another week in #CloneClub fan art - links below!
Sarah & Rachel -
Beth Childs -
Delphine -
(Bonus! -

Cosima & Zombie Seth -
Collage with Castor Clones & Helena/Alison on bike -
Sarah & Mark -
Angel Helena -
Drunk Alison -

Anatomy of Cosima -

Helena amigurumi-style doll -

Alison Pop Vinyl sewing room - @THAILA324b21

Orphan (Adventure) Time - @ErikaReyes713

Alison portrait (finished!) - @JadeAllenTV

Cosima silhouette against laptop/DNA background - @Lnk1987

May 13, 2015

This week Rob and Mackenzie are joined by Orphan Black co-executive producer Kerry Appleyard and writer/co-executive producer Russ Cochrane to talk about episode 4 of season 3 (“Newer Elements of Our Defense”)! They take your questions, analyze your fan theories, and look at your art!

Fan art links:
3x03 comic - LC Morgan

Tattoo/Cosima sketch - @en_tze

Cosima Pop Vinyl doing mad science - @THAILA324b21

Cosima mad science cosplay - Miriam Salzman

Hendrixberg - @MeanCloneGirls

Delphine word cloud/portrait -

Cold B**** Digest - Jules

Puzzle Pieces drawing - @meseriouslyme

Too Many Clones - Edited by Pepa Albornoz

May 6, 2015

Fan art links below! Orphan Black editor D. Gillian Truster joins hosts Rob Moden and OB associate producer Mackenzie Donaldson to talk about her work on season 3 episode 3 ("Formalized, Complex, And Costly"), take your questions, and look at your fan art!

Fan art links:
324B21 tattoo - @AshleeKellehear

Golden ratio tattoo - @DelphinePuppy

Synthetic DNA patent tattoo - Erin Wilson

Helena around the world - @ObsessedSestra

Bracelets - Miriam Salzman

Alison for School Trustee campaign sign -

Helena photoshop portrait -

Tatiana Maslany portrait - Charlotte Hawkins

Apr 29, 2015

Fan art links below! Hosts Rob Moden and Mackenzie Donaldson are joined by Orphan Black makeup artist Stephen Lynch to take your questions and look at your fan art! Hear about how he approaches the clones, how Helena's look came together in a bathroom, and his non-canon cloneswap Halloween costume.

Reach us at and after each episode in season 3 to get your comments, theories and art on the podcast!

Fan art links:
Sarah sketch - @stella_schoeman

Watercolors - @cidaporto (clones) (Felix) (Kira) (Rudy)

Helena mangoes scene drawing - @stephxwu

Leda clones triptych drawing - Mollie Hill (speed drawing video) (final drawing)

Seth cosplay - @CloneClubQuotes

Rudy cosplay - @ErikaReyes713

Apr 21, 2015

Fan art links below! We celebrate "The Weight Of This Combination", the season 3 premiere of Orphan Black - and our first episode! Hosts Rob Moden and Orphan Black associate producer Mackenzie Donaldson are joined by Kathryn Alexandre, clone double extraordinaire and the show's secret weapon! They talk about how Kathryn got involved as Tatiana Maslany's acting partner, key scenes from the season 3 premiere "The Weight of This Combination", and your fan art and questions! Want to be featured on the next podcast? Send your episode 302 reactions and art to us at and

Fan art links:
Fan Art Coasters - Kathryn Alexandre's Twitter

Cosima laptop-inspired spray painting - @KibaFett

DYAD Infomercial video - Edited by Pepa Albornoz

Cosima and Delphine paintings - @MayraTjinAKoeng

Delphine Torturing Rachel art - LC Morgan

Season premiere setup - @missewon and other @-replies from April 19, 2015

Tarot cards and clone portraits - Amanda Corbett

"Natural Selection" original song/mash-up music video - Rebecca Herd

Apr 18, 2015

Send us your reactions, theories, and art for the season 3 premiere, or the show as a whole, and you could be featured on the podcast! Use the hashtag #clonecast and talk to us at:

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